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About Msuberboy

Msuperboy is an app for services in Ludhiana. In this era of Internet, first e-commerce projects capured the market and now hold the major share in retail business, now is the time of services.

What Services Msuperboy provide?

1. Home Services
2. Pick and Drop
3. Food Orders
4. Industrial Services.

Home Services: Electrical Repairs, Plumbers, Carpenters, Inverter Batter, Automobile, Car Electrician, Car Service, Car Towing, Beautician - Skin care - Hair Care,Catering Services, Female Cook, Male Cook for home party, Courier Services, Generator Service & Repair, Vastu Services, Water Tank Cleaning, Washing Machine, Geyser, Microwave, Refregerator Repair, Bhangra Tutor, LCD,LED, Cordless Phone, Microwave Repair, Tata Sky Service, DJ Services, Water Proofing & Pest Control, Website & Mobile App Development, AC Repair & Services, Rental Services (House & Commercial), Loading, Unloading up to 2300kg (Mini Cargo), Halwai, Cook, Bulk Tiffin Services, CCTV Installation & Services, Photographer, Flower Decorator for Car, Bed Room, Stage, Yoga Trainer (Vedic and Power Yoga), Wall Paper & Wooden Flooring, General Insurance Agents, Life & Mediclaim Insurance, Sound System and Lighting for Stage, Construction Contractors, Interior Designers, Modern Kitchen, Tent House & Catering, Kirtan & Jagran Mandli, Wall Painters, Paint Contractor, Printer Toner Refill

Pick & Drop: We charge per delivery, being picked from one location to other.

Food Orders: We are providing the best restaurant food menus to the taste lovers to order online and eat in their own confort. We are not onliy providing the restaurant food but providing the street food and the home mad food.

Industrial Services: Like the home services we are providing the best service providers to the industry.

Aim of msuperboy team: Aim of msuperboy is to generate employment. 

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